WOODVILLE SKATING CLUB runs a full program of figure skating instruction, ranging from the CanSkate learn-to-skate program to the StarSkate program.



The Woodville Skating Club is a non-profit organization approved by Skate Canada. It is administered by parent volunteers to serve the needs of the skaters, our children. It is expected that parents and older skaters volunteer some time or experience to the Club’s ventures.



Our year-end Ice Show will be held on the Saturday of the final week of our skating program. Ice Show rehearsal will be held the week before the event. Details will be available on the News & Events webpage closer to the ice show date.



There will be no refunds for missed ice due to inclement weather. We will notify you via email and Facebook of cancellation due to the weather over the winter months.



The club’s Annual General Meeting is held in April each year. Please watch the club’s home web page under News and Events for the actual date/time/location. This meeting is your chance to hear from the club’s executive regarding the previous year’s season. Nominations will also be accepted from individuals to serve on the following year’s executive and to have input to the skating programs being offered.



The Woodville Skating Club is a non-profit organization. All programs are subsidized by club fundraising to keep program costs down. Fundraising information will be provided each season at registration. All fundraising fees are recoverable.



The Woodville Skating Club is a non-profit organization. This year we were given one of Skate Canada's STAR 1- 4 Competitions to host and run. Coordinating a competition takes a lot of work, and requires a lot of helping hands. Due to this, we have created a volunteer fee to help ensure that the competition runs smoothly. The fee is $100 per family, which can be added as a post-dated fee if you're registering online, or by a post-dated cheque if you're paying by cash. If you complete the requirements as set out by the club by March 1, 2020 you will not have to pay the fee.



Volunteer requirements are as follows.

     Each family must:

         - Donate one food item to the competition

         - Work one shift (as set by the WSC) during the competition running drom December 6th - 8th, 2019 at the             Lindsay Recreation Complex


There will be a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the season where your participation is critical to the success of the club. The season-ending ice show also has some volunteer opportunities. Please watch the newsletter and bulletin boards throughout the season. We are counting on you!



Program Assistants are Intermediate or Senior skaters who assist our club coaches during CanSkate and Pre-CanSkate programs. PAs provide coaching assistance to groups or individual skaters and also act as role models to our young skaters. Training will be provided. Students can earn community service hours as PAs. If interested, please speak to the Canskate Coordinator or an executive member.



Registration in our programs takes place throughout August and September. We also accept new registrants at any time throughout the season. We offer multiple different payment plans, if you would like more information on this, please contact us through our Facebook page or e-mail. If you (or your child[ren]) are registered in one of our programs, and it does not work out for any number of reasons we have a refund policy stating a deadline of 3 weeks to offer a full refund (minus the $35 Skate Canada fee). This meaning, if you decide to back out before participating in the fourth week of the program, we will accommodate a refund. Any longer into the season, we will not honour a refund.



Any skater who displays inappropriate behaviour on or off the ice will be asked to leave the arena at the discretion of the Coach, WSC Executive or arena staff. A skater who continues to display inappropriate behaviour will be permanently removed from the program.



Guest skaters are only permitted from Skate Canada coaches affiliated with our club if all the needs of the registered skaters on that session have been met (had their music played and received their lesson). Guest skaters must be at the skill level of the other skaters on the ice. During particularly crowded group sessions, the Club reserves the right to limit the time and ice area, which may be used for private lessons.  Guest skating fee is $20 per session.

Contact Us

PO Box 231, Woodville, ON  K0M 2T0

Email: woodvilleskatingclub@gmail.com

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